'Days of Our Lives' Star Freddie Smith Speaks out on NBC Soap's Future

Amid the confusion surrounding the Days of Our Lives drama, series star Freddie Smith, who plays Sonny Kiriakis, is attempting to explain what's going on behind the scenes. On his podcast he shares with fiancée Alyssa Tabit, The Freddie & Alyssa Show, how Smith attempted to quell rumors that the long running soap was canceled after all of the cast members were released from their contracts and the show went on an indefinite hiatus.

"This is such a hot topic with Days being in the news," Smith said, adding that for those who have been keeping close tabs on him, the news of the hiatus wasn't shocking.

"I've mentioned that we're going on a hiatus so I think everyone [who has heard me say that] was not as panicked [when reports started surfacing]. I've been speaking vocally about it — saying, 'Hey [at] Thanksgiving, we're done for a while,'" he continued.

He theorized that the actors going off-contract until production resumes, which he said he heard will be as early as Jan. 15 or as late as April 1, is a cost-cutting measure necessary in order to bring back the soap opera for another season.

"They want to save money," he said. "It's all about money. Canceling the contracts of 30 series regulars, if I had to guess, is going to save a couple of million dollars. So if that couple of millions of dollars is going to help negotiate us to get picked up for another year [that's a good thing]."

Smith said he's seeing signs that align with reports that NBC wants to renew the series. "A lot of new sets are being built," he said. "If we were never coming back, why would they be investing money? Why would they be spending money on a web series on the DOOL App?"

Similarly, series star Kristian Alfonso told fans that the show isn't going anywhere. Alfonso, who has portrayed Hope Brady since 1983, took to Instagram to address the cancellation rumors. "Today is Tuesday, November 12th, and we are still here and we are not going anywhere," she said in a video. "You heard it here first, folks. Don't listen to the news, always — especially that report."

Earlier this week, TVLine reported that Corday Productions had released the entire cast from their contracts amid ongoing renewal negotiations between NBC and Sony Pictures Television and less than stellar ratings. The outlet also reported that Days — which is set to jump one year into the future, acting as a "catalyst for many more [changes] to follow," would be going on a pre-planned indefinite hiatus at the end of the month.


NBC has not commented on the report.

Photo credit: Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty