'Days of Our Lives' Will Reportedly 'Get Renewed' Amid Cancellation Speculation

Days of Our Lives will “almost definitely” be renewed for a 56th season despite recent and [...]

Days of Our Lives will "almost definitely" be renewed for a 56th season despite recent and concerning developments suggesting otherwise. Responding to reports that the NBC soap opera is facing cancellation after the entire cast was released of their contracts, a source called the reports "a clickbait story" when speaking to PEOPLE.

"The show shoots months and months in advance and they've gotten so far ahead that the cast was prepared ages ago for the fact that they would all be put on hiatus until closer to pick-up (aka renewal) time, for scheduling reasons," the source told the outlet. "The show will almost definitely get renewed and this was not news to literally anyone on the show, nor is anyone truly concerned."

One of the longest-running scripted television programs in the world, Days of Our Lives has aired nearly every weekday since Nov. 8, 1965, though it was suggested on Tuesday that those daily airing would soon be coming to an end.

According to a report from TVLine, Corday Productions, the production entity on the series, had released the entire cast from their contracts ahead of a pre-planned indefinite hiatus. The move came as NBC and Sony Pictures Television continue ongoing discussions for a Season 56 renewal and as daytime dramas, including Days, face slipping ratings.

As suggested by Deadline, the release of the cast was a tactic to limit "its exposure in case the series is not renewed" and also a way to employ "a possible negotiating tactic with the cast."

Should Days be renewed for another season, the actors would have to be re-signed, opening the window for salary negotiations and the possibility that the actors could be brought back for a lower price. Unlike primetime TV, recastings on soap opera's aren't out of the norm, which could put "pressure on actors to accept terms dictated by producers."

Addressing the reports in an Instagram video on Wednesday, series star Kristian Alfonso, who portrays Hope Brady, promised fans that "we are not going anywhere" and cautioned them to not "listen to the news."

At this time, neither NBC nor Sony have responded to the reports, though an insider claimed that "all indications are that NBC would like to keep the show going."

Days of Our Lives is set to finish production on its current 55th season at the end of the month, with production previously set to resume again in March. The soap opera will have enough episodes to run through summer 2020.

Days airs weekdays on NBC. Check local listings for exact air times.