Damon Wayans Returning to TV After 'Lethal Weapon' Cancellation, Controversies

Damons Wayans is coming back television thanks to ABC. The actor is set to headline a new [...]

Damons Wayans is coming back television thanks to ABC. The actor is set to headline a new multi-camera comedy at the home of his hit series My Wife and Kids. The new show will find him teaming up with the popular comedy's co-creator Don Reo once again for the series with the working title Let's Stay Together.

The new series, which reportedly has a script commitment plus penalty at ABC, is Wayans' first project since the cancellation of the Lethal Weapon television series. The Fox drama action series was filled with controversy surrounding the firing of Clayne Crawford after its second season. Wayans also made headlines ahead of the show' cancellation in May when he said he would exit the series after Season 3, regardless of another season pickup.

Deadline reports Let's Stay Together is being pitched as a family comedy with a twist. Wayans will star as a single father who finds out it is hard to get rid of millennial kids, and their kids. The sitcoms will reportedly feature a storyline mirroring the actor's real life.

Wayans and Roe will co-write and executive produce the new series. The pair previously collaborated on My Wife and Kids, which ran for five seasons on ABC and is still considered one of ABC Studios' most beloved shows.

On Lethal Weapon, Wayans starred as detective Roger Murtaugh. Wayans opened up in an interview in late 2018 about the toll filming the series had on him.

"I'm a 58-year-old diabetic and I'm working 16 hours a day," he told Electronic Urban Report, adding that he's "too old for this." At the time he claimed he would finish shooting the first 13 episodes of the third season and then leave, though he admitted the network had not approved his plan at the time.

Wayans ended up appearing on the remaining episodes of Season 3. The series' cancellation was announced in May.

Lethal Weapon's controversies began after co-star Crawford was fired after allegations of workplace misconduct came out against him. Crawford's firing did not please fans, leading to a massive drop in the ratings during the show's third season.

Deadline writes Wayans is "more comfortable" with a show that gives him more creative control, which he had with the hit ABC series. The actor is also reportedly interested in a multi-camera filming schedule, which is reportedly less punishing than a network drama.

Wayans is also planning to make a return to stand-up comedy, with the outlet writing he was inspired by the success of Dave Chapelle's recent special on Netflix.