'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 10 Coming in January, Jeff Garlin Says

Curb Your Enthusiasm is set to bring the humor back to your TV screens incredibly soon. As actor Jeff Garlin, who plays Jeff Greene on the HBO series noted, the show's tenth season will premiere in January. This long-awaited news comes years after the most recent season premiered way back in 2017.

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While Garlin's Instagram post didn't offer too much in the way of information, besides the January premiere news, his recent interview with The Daily Beast's podcast, The Last Laugh, certainly shed some light on when you can actually expect the series to arrive. He told listeners that Curb Your Enthusiasm will return on Sunday, Jan. 19. Once Jan. 19 does roll around, fans are in for a real treat, according to Garlin.

"It's my favorite season," he said regarding the tenth season. "I know there are other seasons that people will like as much, if not more, but for me, the premise of [this] season is my favorite one we've ever done."

Elsewhere in the interview, Garlin, who is an executive producer on the show, explained where the idea for the HBO series actually came from, and, apparently, he was the mastermind behind the whole thing.

"I always thought it would be fascinating to do a special where it's the making of the special and ultimately they didn't do the special. So I sat down with Larry [David] at lunch one day and told him this idea and he loved it, thought about it, said let's go pitch it," he recounted.


"We pitched it to [then Chairman and CEO] Chris Albrecht at HBO with Ari Emanuel, the agent, the three of us went there. And Chris Albrecht's response was, 'How can I not do this?' Which is just amazing. Then the first day of filming the hour[-long] special, Larry and I felt like we'd been comedy partners forever," Garlin continued. "There was a natural thing. So [Larry] said to me, at HBO that first day, 'Wouldn't it be great to do a series like this?' And I of course said yes, but in my head I said, 'Right, I'm gonna be on a show with Larry David on HBO.' Little did I know my whole life would be changed."

And just like Garlin said, the rest was history. Curb Your Enthusiasm has been on the air since 2000 and offers fans a fictionalized, over-the-top look at Larry David's life. Like Garlin, the star of the series, David, has also spoken out about the show, and why it's been such a pleasure to produce the comedy for so long. As NME noted, the funnyman offered a classic quip about the series, saying, "As I've said many times, when one has the opportunity to annoy someone, one should do so."