'CSI: Vegas': Cast Reunites in First Sneak Peek

CSI: Vegas is bringing back the cast of Crime Scene Investigation and stars of the show recently reunited in the first sneak peek of the new series. In the teaser, fans get a look at footage from the show, as well as a glimpse behind the scenes of the new original series. Series executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer is featured in the clip, and reveals that he and his fellow EPs has been "wanting to bring back CSI for a long time" because it is one of the most popular shows on television." He adds, "We're so thrilled for audiences to take on this new season."

Jason Tracey, another executive producer on the series appears as well, saying that CSI: Vegas will "go deeper and showcase some of what's new in criminal forensics." He continues, "I don't think that we would be bringing the show back if we didn't have a way to leverage the epic run that the original had against the characters that we all want to watch." Series star William Petersen offers some thoughts on the new series as well, saying he is "excited" to reprise his role as CSI supervisor Gil Grissom. "The way we solved crimes 20 years ago is a to different than the way they solve crimes now," he adds. "It's a different world."

Jorja Fox, who plays Sara Sidle, joked that the return of her character means "the b— is back." She continued, "Being back on set with CSI is more exciting than I even thought it was going to be." Fox went on to share some plot details about the new series, explaining, "Sara meets this new, dynamic, intriguing force of criminalists that are on the front lines of fighting crime in Vegas."

Franchise newcomer Paula Newsome, who plays Maxine Roby, shared that her character "gets to lead these people" who "are all like Michael Jordan's in their field." She adds, "We get to incorporate all that science... that takes us into the truth." Matt Lauria, another new CSI star who plays Josh Folsom, divulged that the "very end of the first episode" is a "gigantic cliffhanger."


Fox says that with Bruckheimer and his producing team "at the helm, this show is going to be dazzling," and Newsome adds, "With the journey of the mystery and wonder... it's exciting." Petersen then concludes the clip by offering, "The whole purpose of what the CSI's did was to find the truth, and I have to say, it'd be nice to know what the truth is. Evidence doesn't lie." CSI: Vegas will airs Wednesdays at 10 pm ET, this fall, only on CBS.