'Criminal Minds' Final Season First Look Photo Revealed

Criminal Minds fans are finally getting their first look at Season 15 after JJ and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) left fans dying to know more in the Season 14 finale. In a photo from the Season 15 premiere, titled "Under the Skin," Reid and JJ (A.J. Cook) seem to be sharing a sweet moment together — while JJ wears a ring on her left ring finger.

Click here to see the photo from TVLine.

As Season 14 drew to an end, JJ was challenged by an UnSub with a "Truth or Dare" at gunpoint. She chose the former and confessed her "deepest, darkest secret," telling Reid, "Spence.. I've always loved you. I was just too scared to say it before. And things are really just too complicated to say it now... I'm sorry. but you should know."

After JJ and her fellow captive Reid eventually got free, JJ claimed that she only said it to throw the UnSub off balance. But Reid responded by asking his own "Truth or Dare," asking her, "Did you mean it?"

JJ's expression did a poor job at masking her true feelings, but before anything else could happen, they got pulled back into the celebration at Rossi's wedding reception.

Showrunner Erica Messer told TVLine that JJ and Reid "have been in the trenches together — as far as work goes, it's life or death quite often — and who are we tom ay who gets close and who doesn't?" Messer also conceded: "Yeah, it's messy and it's weird, but 'I've loved you for a long time'... that's just the truth."

Considering all that drama went down before the summer, Criminal Minds won't strings its viewers along for too much longer, Messer said. "We deal with that in the first two hours of the final 10 [episodes], because that needs some explanation and some tender care really to have her be fair to everyone [including her fiancé, Will]. I think 100 percent that Reid loves her, too, so that's where it's hard," Messer said.


Season 15 of Criminal Minds debuts with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS with the first episode in its 10-episode final season.