Colin Jost Recently Made 'SNL' History

As of this month, Colin Jost has appeared in more installments of Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment than any other host. The writer tied previous record-holder Seth Meyers on Saturday, Oct. 16 in SNL Season 47, Episode 3, hosted by Rami Malek. He surpassed it on Oct. 23 in the episode hosted by Jason Sudeikis, and now his lead grows every week.

Jost has been one of the head writers of SNL for years and has sat at the "Weekend Update" desk for almost as long. If his place in the series' esteemed history wasn't already assured, he cemented it this month by hosting more news desk parodies than anyone else. "Weekend Update" is the show's longest-running segment, having premiered in the very first episode of SNL in 1975. At the time, it was hosted by Chevy Chase, but a long list of other performers have handled it since then. 

"Weird to think that when he started, he was arguably the least popular anchor since Charles Rocket. Che's presence loosened him up considerably," one person tweeted. Another added: "I know people are complaining that people stick around too long, but I love Colin and Che. I think they're the right update anchors for the era we're in now." A third fan wrote: "I like Jost and Che but I don't want anyone unseating my Seth" with a frowning emoji.

Meyers joined the cast of SNL in 2001 and became a co-head writer in 2006, along with Tina Fey and Andrew Steele. He became the "Weekend Update" co-anchor that autumn alongside Amy Poehler, taking the spot Fey had vacated. After Poehler left in 2008, Meyers continued to host "Weekend Update" alone until 2013. He then co-anchored with Cecily Strong for about half of a season before he left SNL altogether in 2014.

Jost took over Meyers' seat with no gap in between. He and Strong co-hosted the segment for the remainder of that season, and she left it behind afterward. Starting in the fall of 2014, Jost and Michael Che began hosting together. Che is the first Black host of "Weekend Update," and in addition to Jost's personal record-breaking tenure, they are now the longest-running duo in the sketch's history.


In those years, Jost and Che have stirred up their fair share of controversies, and some viewers continue to complain about their hosting style. Right now, it seems like they are in those seats to stay. Jost's record-breaking episode of SNL premieres live at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.