'Chicago P.D.' Alum Sophia Bush Makes Debut on 'Jane The Virgin' and Fans Have Lots to Say

Sophia Bush's guest appearance on Jane The Virgin seemed to spell trouble for Jane and Rafael's [...]

Sophia Bush's guest appearance on Jane The Virgin seemed to spell trouble for Jane and Rafael's end game, giving fans a roller coast of emotion during Wednesday's new episode.

"Chapter Ninety-Three" introduced viewers to Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) new love interest, Julie (Bush) as Jane (Gina Rodriguez) stressed about finding a new living situation, dealing with son Mateo's (Elias Janssen) ADHD outbursts while rehearsing for a school play and her continued longing for her ex-boyfriend.

As Rafael and Jane worked on finding the perfect apartment for her, since she decided to move out of her Abuela after she got married, their conversation is interrupted in an awkward moment when Julie walks in and wonders if she is interrupting something between them.

"I've heard a lot about you," Julie tells Jane after Rafael introduces them.

"Oh. Do you work in the office?" Jane wonders, before Julie reveals she and Rafael have gone on a few dates and she reveals she nicknamed Rafael "Rafa."

The reveal of Rafael's new dating life doesn't come as a complete surprise, as he had mentioned he was going on a date in the previous episode, but fans were still as heartbroken as Jane about his new girl, even if it was the beloved One Tree Hill alum.

Jane spends a lot of the episode obsessing over her ex's new love interest, even resorting to watching her Instagram Story through Xiomara's (Andrew Navedo) phone to attempt at covering her tracks.

After finding a message on her social media that hinted she was dissing Jane, she rushes to Petra (Yael Groblas) for advice, but she tells her to grow up and be the bigger person with the new woman in Rafael's life.

Later, Jane and Rafael see more apartments and one runs into Julie once again. She admits to Jane she is paranoid there might be something going on still between the exes, but Jane chooses to put her best foot forward and tells Julie to keep trying with Rafael.

Rafael, however, gets angry at Jane's meddling when he admits he is not that interested in Julie and was hoping the relationship would fizzle out after a few dates. The conversation comes as Jane finally seems to find an apartment.

After Mateo suffers an ADHD setback during the play, interrupting the show after a baby starts to cry in the audience, Jane and Rafael decide it's time for their son to go on medication.

The difficult moment pushes Jane to start to figure out a way to move on from Rafael, but it does the opposite for him. After calling Julie off-screen Rafael tells Jane to meet him outside the hotel the next day and finally admits he is still in love with her.

After the pair reunite, the show goes on to a full musical number, which features Julie once again, simply singing she knew the couple had a "vibe" together.

What did you think of Bush's guest stint? Jane The Virgin airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.