'Chicago Med' Proposal Cliffhanger Resolved

Chicago Med left fans of Natalie Manning and Will Halstead holding their breaths with that proposal season three finale cliffhanger, and though they got the answer they wanted, the road down the aisle started with a few obstacles.

When Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) first appear in the premiere, they gush as they both admire the ring on Natalie's finger.

Halstead asks his now fiancée if she had a chance to look at the wedding venue he suggested, but she hesitates hoping that the couple can just have a small ceremony at city hall.

Before they can get too involved in the conversation, an emergency patient comes into the hospital: A deaf man who believes he lost his hearing at a young age from the mumps and that is feeling sick, they believe from complications of a recent cochlear implantation surgery.

As the doctors investigate what is going on, they find out that his complications don't have anything to do with the implant, and they suggest to turn it on while they wait for test results.

The realization leads the patient and his fiancee, who is also deaf, to fight as she sees getting a cochlear implant as "fixing something that is not wrong."

Later in the episode, the hospital staff gathers for Connor Rhodes' goodbye party — even though he doesn't end up leaving in the end — and Will brings up the topic of wedding venues again, and Will gets frustrated at Natalie's pushback.

"If you don't want to get married just say so," Will says. "You don't seem to care about the ceremony, or the reception, it took you a week to say yes."

She responds: "I said yes and I meant it." But admits she is not very interested in a big wedding, since she has been through that before. Will takes it personally, since he hasn't been married before.

"Just so you know, a wedding is not a marriage," Natalie snaps, which leads to Will walking away from her.

The next morning, Will, Natalie and Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) diagnose the patient with a genetic disorder that caused him to go deaf — which was not caused by the mumps as they first thought — and that he will be going blind soon as well.

At first he refuses to tell his fiancee, who breaks up with him over the cochlear implant disagreement, but when she returns later and finds out she accepts him getting the cochlear implant. "I'll be your eyes and you can be my ears," she says as his implant is turned on.

The case makes an impact on Will and Natalie, who later meet at a restaurant and she agrees to the big wedding.


"You take care of the venue, I'll take care of the caterer... You know, eyes and ears," she says, as the couple sits to try dishes for the reception.

Looks like a Manstead wedding might be on the horizon later this season, and we can't wait! Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.