'Chicago' Crossover Finds Stella in Mortal Danger

One Chicago's latest epic crossover started with Stella Kidd telling Kelly Severide to be safe so [...]

One Chicago's latest epic crossover started with Stella Kidd telling Kelly Severide to be safe so they could hang out later, but it was Stella who found herself in the hospital after the deadly apartment fire.

As the firefighters rushed to get people to safety after a fire burst from the 20th floor of an residential building, Severide (Taylor Kinney) found himself trapped near the source of the fire with a young boy.

Hermann (David Eigenberg) and Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) were outside the apartment trying to put out the flies enough for Severide to get out, but as it wasn't working, he had to climb down the window into a lower floor.

Anxious to save her boyfriend, Stella ignored her protective suit running out of oxygen and passes out before realizing Severide had made it down safely. The firefighters rush to help her down and, despite her not being able to breathe on her own, they get her intubated and rush her to the hospital.

At first Severide lashes out at most of those around him, blaming himself for his girlfriend's injury, and when Dr. Connor Rhodes (Collin Donnel) announces he will have to remove her lung in order to save her, he refuses to accept that — knowing she can't be a firefighter with only one lung.

"Being a firefighter is the only thing that she cares about, I won't let you do this," Severide says to Connor.

Since Stella's family can't be reached, it is up to the doctors to decide a course of treatment so he ignores Severide's threat, and he insists and threatens to get physical with Rhodes, Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) has security escort Severide outside of the hospital.

Knowing that he is only advocating for his girlfriend, April (Yaya DaCosta) tells Severide that it will be O.K., and she tries to talk to Connor again. He again refuses to change his surgical plan.

Later in the crossover episode, Hermann, April and the other firefighters intercept Connor before he gets to the O.R. and beg him to reconsider. When Connor says that only family could change his mind, Hermann reminds him that the firehouse is Stella's family.

Despite the risks, and Dr. Ava Becker's (Nora Kuhling) insistence that it is a bad idea, Connor decides to take a riskier approach and only cut out the injured part of Stella's lung.

The surgery has its risks and almost costs Stella's life, but Connor is able to successfully save her, and he announces she will be able to get back to work in no time.

When she finally wakes up after surgery, Severide is right by her side and tells her how happy he is she came back.

"Of course," she says.

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