'Chicago Fire' Hints at Unexpected New Relationship, and Fans Aren't Happy

Could Chicago Fire really get Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett together?

The NBC firefighter drama seemed to hint at the team's captain and paramedic possibly beginning to have feelings for one another during the latest episode, leading some fans to react negatively to the possible pairing.

"Until the Weather Breaks" saw Firehouse 51 deal with a power outage, a missing child and a crazed gunman during the episode, but it was an interaction during the final moments that made fans go crazy.

After the gunman — who had been revealed to be responsible for a double homicide and was searching for the child in order to silence him as a witness of his crimes — had been taken into custody, Brett (Kara Killmer) personally rode with the little boy and Adam Ruzek (Chicago P.D.'s Patrick John Flueger) to take him to his parents.

As things settled down at the station after the eventful night, Casey (Jesse Spencer) surprised Brett by showing up to the police station to take her home. When she asked if he had gotten the short end of the straw with the other members of the squad, he said he didn't mind going out of his way to help her get home after her act of kindness toward the kid.

Before all the drama, Casey and mentioned to Severide (Taylor Kinney) his desire to enter in a travel lottery, which allows for passengers to get free or discounted flights to anywhere in the world that has had a last-minute cancellation.

At the police station, Brett brought the subject back up and said the idea of spontaneous trip sounds great for their next furlough and suggested to Casey that they get a big group together and all vacation together.

Casey seems surprised at the suggestion but thinks it sounds great. While the paramedic seems to mean it as a friendly gesture, the camera stays on Casey's face as he seems to be developing feelings for his colleague.

Fans of the NBC drama were quick to notice the subtle scene, complaining about the possible pairing given that Casey's ex-wife Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) was best friend's and partners with Brett.

"Brett [and] Casey idk about that," one user commented.

"Sigh. They're full on pushing Casey and Brett. It's too soon for this. I can't," another user wrote.

"They bet not push Brett and Casey," another fans commented.

Gabby left the series at the beginning of the season after she decided to extend her job doing relief efforts in Puerto Rico permanently, eventually asking Casey for a divorce in order for him to move on.


At the time, Brett was upset that her friend did not give her a proper goodbye though they appeared to make amends off-screen.

What do you think about Brett and Casey possibly getting together? Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.