Canceled 'Whiskey Cavalier' Ends With Huge Cliffhanger, and Fans Are Pissed

Whiskey Cavalier ended its one-season run at ABC with a massive cliffhanger, making fans even angrier about the show's cancellation.

Spoilers ahead for Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 13: "Czech Mate"

After nearly catching big bad guy Ollerman (Dylan Walsh) with a fake transaction with Paul, the team tried to come up with a new plan at their base in the Alps.

The quiet did not last long as the team found themselves under attack by a pair of tourists/hired assassins with automatic weapons. Despite the deadly surprise, the team manages to head to a safe room, but are further shocked when they see Standish's girlfriend Tina (Marika Dominczyk) pulls the gun on them.

After Ollerman arrives, he forces Will (Scott Foley) and Frankie (Lauren Cohan) and the team to travel to Prague and steal the laptop of a Russian finance minister. To secure that they do the job, Ollerman stabs Sam with a technology that would kill him on Ollerman's command.

The team arrive at the summit and create a diversion as Rayy sneaks into the security's X-ray machine to swap out the minister's computer for another model. The twist takes a turn when Tina takes the case and locks the whole team in a room as she finishes off the actual mission, which is killing the minister.

The team pulls off a twist when Tina arrives in the room where the dignitaries are meeting and she finds Standish (Tyler James Williams) with a gun in his hand, which he uses to officially break up with the undercover terrorist by killing her.

The team breaks free from their prison and fight off the guards, as Jai gives Ray a collar that reduces the deadly serum's effect from death to just agonizing pain.

Ollerman pulls the trigger but doesn't kill Ray, also allowing the team to track his location. Frankie and Will track Ollerman down but he refuses to accept defeat, so he blasts the window and jumps, seemingly to his death.

The next morning, Frankie finds Will and the pair share a sweet moment. Just as it seems like they are about to kiss, the show shifts to night time in New York City, where Standish is leaving Will a message letting him know that Tina killed Emma when Ollerman appears from out of nowhere and confronts him for killing Tina, and stabs him.


The cliffhanger ending left fans brokenhearted, knowing they likely will not see the resolution as the show was canceled by ABC.