'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Trailer Parodies 'Die Hard' With Andy Samberg

The trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 is finally here, and it parodies Detective Jake Peralta's favorite movie — Die Hard.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is kicking off its run on NBC with a bang as the trailer shows Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his friends on top of a building that is about to explode. In reference to his favorite franchise, Peralta outfits his colleagues with ropes to repel down the building before diving off headfirst himself, grabbing a helicopter in mid-air.

Of course, it does not take long to realize that the trailer is a dream sequence in Peralta's head. As he takes the leap, his friends on the ground lavish compliments on him, and eventually it cuts to an action figure display on his desk in the precinct.

"...and that's the recruitment video for the nine-nine," he says.

The trailer promises a lot of action as Brooklyn Nine-Nine rolls into its sixth season, now on a new network. The show was canceled by Fox back in the spring, leaving many fans — and the cast, for that matter — devastated. However, in a surprise move, NBC picked the show up later on.

The network is leaning hard on this broadcast change in the advertisement, even mentioning it as the trailer comes to an end. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was already produced in part by NBC, and it was co-created by the network's beloved writer Michael Schur.

The sudden change of network meant that Brooklyn Nine-Nine could not keep its usual schedule for a fall premiere. However, after months of waiting, fans finally know when new episodes will air. The show returns on Thursday, Jan. 10.

In all likelihood, the explosive Die Hard parody will not feature in the actual show, though there are some clues about the content of the upcoming season premiere. NBC has uploaded photos from season 6, episode 1 on its press website. Titled "Honeymoon," the episode features a whole lot of absurd antics in the familiar police station.

Most notably, it looks like it will finally answer the season 5 cliffhanger left by Captain Holt (Andre Braugher). A few photos return straight to the bar, where, last season, Holt was about to tell his colleagues whether or not he had gotten the job as police commissioner.

The answer to this long-awaited question is still unclear. One photo shows Peralta grinning broadly by Holt's side, while another shows the rest of the cast raising glasses, wearing inscrutably reserved smiles. However, in the pictures from the precinct, Holt is no where to be seen, meaning that he could very well be working somewhere else now.


Fans will just have to tune in next month and see. Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.