Revived 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' to Get Additional 5 Episodes From NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season six still has a long way to go before it debuts on NBC, but the good news is there will be more adventures at the Nine-Nine once it does start.

NBC announced Friday that it ordered five extra episodes of the Andy Samberg-starring police sitcom, bringing the episode total to 18.

The series was originally cancelled by Fox at the end of the 2017-2018 TV season, as part of a comedy bloodbath at the network. Right after the news broke, Universal Television started talks with Hulu to keep the show alive, but the streaming service passed. Universal's sister network NBC stepped in to save the day, bringing Samberg, a former Saturday Night Live star, back to the peacock network.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine should be a natural fit for NBC, since the show was co-created by Michael Schur, one of the geniuses behind The Office, Parks and Recreation and The Good Place — all of which have aired on NBC. The network will also air Schur's Abby's, a new sitcom starring Natalie Morales as the owner of an unlicensed San Diego bar.

Samberg stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Detective Jake Peralta, the world's biggest Die Hard fan. At the end of season five, he married Detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero).

The cast also includes Joe Lo Truglio as Boyle, Andre Braughter as Captain Holt, Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa, Chelsea Peretti as Gina, Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock and Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully.

Showrunner and co-creator Dan Goor told The Hollywood Reporter in May that NBC wants the show to stay as is, so do not expect any big changes just because the show is on a new network.

"NBC wants and likes the show and has been so supportive of the show as it exists. I would be surprised if the show changed in any fundamental way going over to NBC," Goor explained. "This past season was one of, if not our strongest seasons so what everyone wants is more of the same."

Season five ended with a little cliffhanger, and we still have no idea if Holt was promoted to commissioner. Gina Rodriguez also popped in as a taxi driver and a possible love interest for Rosa. Goor said it was possible to bring Rodriguez back, with Jane the Virgin ending, but it was too early to say for certain.

"It is definitely possible but we're so early in everything it's impossible to make any promises," Goor said. "We loved her and she was a joy to work with on set. Their chemistry was great and I would love to have more Gina Rodriguez on the show."


Although the new season will not debut until midseason, production on Nine-Nine resumed last week. Samberg shared photos of the cast back to work on The Lonely Island Twitter account on Aug. 20.

Photo Credit: Fox