'Blue Bloods': Where Danny and Baez's Relationship Stands After Murder Investigation

After a painfully long mid-season break between new episodes, Blue Bloods was back Friday night [...]

After a painfully long mid-season break between new episodes, Blue Bloods was back Friday night with an hour that was worth the wait. "For Whom The Bell Tolls" was filled with drama for all members of the Reagan family, particularly Detective Danny Reagan. He was tasked with proving his partner, Detective Maria Baez, was innocent after a man was found murdered on her lawn. The story ended with a major development in Baez and Danny's relationship.

The man found dead on Baez's (Marisa Ramirez) lawn was a personal trainer she was dating. Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) was sure she didn't do it, but he still had to question her, knowing that Internal Affairs would probe every corner of the case. They later discovered that the man had a fiancee named Regina (guest star Jackie Reynolds) Baez never knew about. At first, it seemed like Regina's alibi was solid, even though they saw a woman kill the man on Baez's security camera.

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Later, Baez was attacked at her home in a scene that belonged in a slasher movie. Danny stormed in to save Baez once again, and it turned out that the person trying to kill Baez this time was Regina! At a hospital, Danny admitted that Regina's alibi wasn't so great and she really did kill the personal trainer out of revenge. Danny saw Regina get into Baez's home because he still had her doorbell camera app connected to his laptop.

Once the case was settled, Baez admitted she never told Danny about her dating because it always felt "awkward" whenever she thought to bring it up. "You should probably know that whatever awkwardness you felt, I feel it too," Danny told her. "Maybe that could just be enough for now?" Baez asked. Danny nodded, adding, "Yeah, I think so." The two smiled before they left the hospital room.

The family dinner scene in this week's episode did not have much to do with the main stories. Instead, it featured the rest of the Reagan family teasing Danny's son Sean (Andrew Terraciano) because he got a heavy envelope from the college he dreamed of getting into. Eventually, Sean did open the letter to learn he was accepted, causing everyone to burst into applause.

The scene between Danny and Baez at the hospital was the latest will-they, won't-they moment from Season 11. The two have grown noticeably closer, with Danny inviting her to the Reagan family dinner in "Triumph Over Trauma" and Danny saving her life again in "More Than Meets The Eye." Danny has been single ever since Linda (Amy Carlson) died, so fans have been itching to see him get back into dating. There will not be a long wait to see how Danny and Baez's relationship develops, as the next new episode, "The Common Good," airs on Friday, April 2 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.