'Blue Bloods': When Will Tom Selleck Retire?

With Season 13 wrapped and Season 14 confirmed, is Tom Selleck going to leave?

Blue Bloods recently wrapped up its thirteenth season, with star Tom Selleck remaining as head of the table Frank Reagan. The season already planted seeds for key stories within the Reagan family, like daughter Erin, played by Bridget Moynahan, running for District Attorney and aiming to join her NYPD commissioner father. Now with the show confirmed to return for a 14th season, it's fitting to look back on how far its star thinks it could go. It is also interesting to see the future with the current strike continuing on.

TV Insider spoke with Selleck before Season 13 of Blue Bloods and his future on the series after this season. As he teases, he's open to continuing and agrees with Moynahan's take on the show's run.

As Selleck says, he agrees that it would be great if Blue Bloods made it to 15 seasons. "I've got a mortgage. I'm game," Selleck told the outlet, possibly referring to his other job selling reverse mortgages to daytime TV viewers.

It does seem like Selleck enjoys his time on the series and takes pride in the role he's cultivated for over a decade. "It's a show about a law-enforcement family and their point of view, but it doesn't mean they're always right and their adversaries don't have a point...unless they're just flat-out murdering criminals," Selleck says, making a slight joke at the end.

Selleck also discusses Frank Reagan's mindset in the series, noting how his mind is working as he goes "incognito" to walk around the city late at night. "It gives him insight into the loss of morale in the NYPD, and he'll deal directly with that serious issue," Selleck says. "Frank has had to walk a tightrope in this woke environment. Now he's realizing he's not going to be as diplomatic, and I like that for him. He's due for a confrontation with Mayor Chase [Nip/Tuck alum Dylan Walsh], 'cause he seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth, in Frank's opinion."

He also mentions how his support for daughter Erin will play out this season, noting that the entire family becomes involved. "He wrestles with that. Is his endorsement a plus or a minus? It gets intense for the whole family," Selleck added.