'Blue Bloods' Finally Returns Next Week With New Episode

The long wait for a new Blue Bloods episode is almost over. The Reagan family will be back from their winter vacation next week, on Friday, Jan. 4.

CBS is airing a repeat of "Second Chances" from Season 8 Friday night.

The next new episode, "Disrupted," finds Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) wondering if his recent meeting with community activists was really an accident or if it was set up behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) is trying to make decisions to lead his precinct without his father's input.

Later, Anthony Abetamarco (Steven Schirripa) asks Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) to help protect his daughter and ex-wife from a dangerous psychiatric patient. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) investigates his neighbor after he learns his son is dating his neighbor's kid.

Photos from the episode also hint at some drama between Jamie and his fiancee, Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray). The two got engaged at the end of last season and have experienced a major change in their relationship at work. Jamie is now Eddie's boss, but she always ends up being the one to push him to be more assertive. The new relationship has been met with some mixed feelings from fans.

“I think it’s really complicated, with myself included, as a fan of this couple,” Ray told Long Island Weekly last month. “There’s a lot of learning curves and lot of figuring out what their relationship looks like. I think it’s more of a struggle than they were anticipating. That’s something that I read a lot when I get the scripts and say ‘Oh man, this is hard for them.’ It’s a lot harder for them than I think we all thought. They’ve loved each other for all these years, they’re finally together and now the fun begins, but it’s sort of where the real work has begun for them in terms of their relationship instead of their actual work and family unit.”

Ray has been included in the famous Reagan family dinners for the first time this season, bringing a new face and personality to the table. The Reagans have been making fun of her, but have come to welcome her as one of their own.

“It’s a very playful room," Ray told Long Island Weekly. "I was obviously intimidated and nervous the first couple of times going to family dinner, but I immediately felt welcomed. There really is such a family aspect to it. I’m really fortunate to get to sit with Bridget [Moynahan], who is like the big sister I’ve always wanted.”

This is the first new episode since "Authority Figures" aired back on Dec. 7. In that episode, Erin had to make one of her first major decisions since her promotion earlier this season. She had to fire a young prosecutor who was compromised by a gang member who threatened his family. The prosecutor purposefully bungled the case, but he later redeemed himself by giving Erin the evidence she needed to put the criminal behind bars after he left the district attorney's office for good.


Blue Bloods returns on CBS at 10 p.m. ET on Friday, Jan. 4.

Photo credit: CBS