'Blue Bloods' Fans React to Donnie Wahlberg's Admission About Onscreen Wife Linda

Fans of Blue Bloods have grown to love Det. Danny Reagan and could tell firsthand that his character was never the same after the loss of Linda Reagan. The death, which never was shown on the show, shook up the show between Season 7 and 8 and apparently the scenes that followed were among the toughest to film. In an interview with TVInsider, Donny Wahlberg shared how emotional filming was after the death in the series.

"The first dinner scene without Linda was really emotional, just genuine emotion," Wahlberg said when asked about the most memorable family dinner scenes. "Nobody was acting that day. My tears were real, because even though in real life, Amy Carlson was still around, I was going to be moving forward on the show without her. I wouldn't have a partner anymore to help me with these boys — on-screen and off, to be frank. It's a big loss, and I'll always remember the emotion of that day."

Seeing that has caused a lot of viewers of the show to share their thoughts on the news, taking to PopCulture.com's Facebook page to express their upset over the admission.

"It has made such a difference without her at the table and the whole story line itself," one fan wrote alongside a crying emoji.

"The show is so authentic," one user commented on Facebook. "Families lose love ones everyday it's life. Don't bring Linda back show Danny moving forward, not with his partner she has been a good support for him. Maybe have him run into the nurse he help right after Linda's passing."

"We all cried when linda died. It was so sad like losing one of our love ones.what happened to the other son n the young woman. I know they left for collage but they get holiday breaks dont they come home," wrote another.

"it WAS very very sad show, especially since we the fans weren't able to grieve with them..." added another fan.

"Miss her she played a big part in his life on the show by the way when is getting married again or bring her back some how it is empty !!!'" wrote another fan.

Wahlberg, in the same interview, went on to talk about the iconic dinner scenes and how the whole ordeal has seen a shift. In it, he says that his on-screen son Sean, who is played by Andrew Terraciano, has taken over the role of speaker during the dinner scenes.

"He's becoming the voice of the youth at the dinner table, which is really great," Wahlberg said in the interview. "It does cause some problems for Danny because he's often coming down on the opposite side of where his father stands on things, so it's created some interesting fun."


Blue Bloods debuted in 2010 on CBS and is currently in its 10th season which premiered on Sept. 27. Blue Bloods will return after its break on Jan. 3, 2020.