'Blue Bloods' Fans Were Not Happy That Friday's Episode Was a Rerun

The long wait for Blue Bloods to return from its winter break began the moment the mid-season finale ended on Friday, Dec. 6. Although all network shows usually begin their mid-season breaks in December, just as the Christmas season begins, fans were still disappointed that the Dec. 13 episode turned out to be a rerun. Even the Blue Bloods team was disappointed.

On Friday, the show's social media team posted a photo of Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray) looking frustrated.

"Our reaction when we find out tonight's episode is repeat..." the caption read.

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Fans agreed it was really disappointing to turn CBS on and see an episode they had seen before.

"Are you serious!" one fan wrote.

"It's not coming back on until January 3rd," one fan wrote, along with a crying emoji. "Can we please get a jamko baby!!!!"

Another very unhappy fan wrote, "Not HAPPY AT ALL!!!"

Yet another wrote, "I'VE WAITED ALL WEEK FOR A REPEAT? GAH."

Another fan of crime shows wrote, "What the f—, well Live PD is new on A&E."

Others pointed out that a Blue Bloods repeat is better than no Blue Bloods on Fridays at all.

"Watch all reruns all week," one wrote. "Love this show."

"Watching it again, Friday night isn't Friday night without my Blue Bloods and my Tommy!" one wrote, referring to star Tom Selleck.

The most recent episode of Blue Bloods was "Bones to Pick," which featured two major story lines. In one, Eddie and Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) argued after Eddie was not happy with Jamie's reaction to a list of errands she asked him to run. Eddie believed Jamie's upbringing was responsible for his view on gender roles. Later, Eddie apologized for blaming his family and the two made up when Jamie gave her a list of errands. This story inspired a few theories that Eddie is pregnant thanks to her sudden mood swings.

In another story, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) and Anthony (Steve Schirripa) clashed after a criminal was released on bail. Anthony kept on the man's trail because he thought the man was going to commit another crime. Eventually, the man did and even shot Anthony! Thankfully, Anthony was wearing a bullet-proof vest.


Fans will not have to wait too much longer for new episodes to start. Blue Bloods Season 10 will return on Friday, Jan. 3, 2020 at 8 p.m. ET.

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