'Blue Bloods' Fans in Tears After Emotional Reagan Family Dinner About Parenting

During Friday's episode of Blue Bloods, "Risk Management," there was a very special Reagan family dinner, which had viewers at home in tears.

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Danny Reagan's (Donnie Wahlberg) story centered on a missing young girl who needed to be found in 72 hours or she could die without taking her heart medication. In the investigation, Danny discovered that the girl's parents needed a loan shark after running short on cash. The loan shark took their daughter in exchange for the money they owed.

In the Reagan family dinner, a centerpiece for every Blue Bloods episode, the family talked about what they would do for their children. Frank (Tom Selleck) said that they all made a pact when they were born.

"We made the choice to bring you into the world, you didn't make the choice, we did," Danny said. "So a bargain was struck that day that you owe us nothing and we owe you everything."

Erin (Bridget Moynahan) told the younger Reagans that they do owe their parents one thing: to take the bargain as seriously as they did.

Jamie (Will Estes) chimed in, asking if it was fun to bring kids into the world. The others made sarcastic remarks about stretches in their children's lives when they don't behave like their parents want them to.

"And then it comes back around to being a blast again," Frank said. "Only a bigger blast. It becomes... everything."

The scene ended on that beat, which absolutely crushed viewers at home.

For many fans, the dinner scene is always their favorite part of the night.

After the scene, Danny convinced his son Sean (Andrew Tarraciano) to go to a ceremony to receive a medal for his winning essay. The award was presented by real-life former New York City Mayor David Dinkins.

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Sean did not want to go, fearing he would cry in public while thinking about his mom Linda. Danny insisted that he needed to go because his mom would have wanted him to. During the medal ceremony, Sean dedicated his medal to his mother who could not be there and his father, who always is.

That scene also had fans in tears.

Danny also solved his case. They found the real loan sharks and rescued the missing girl right on time.


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