'Blue Bloods': Donnie Wahlberg Gives Update on Season 13

The Blue Bloods cast and crew are already back to work on the show's upcoming 13th season. Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and their co-stars are working through the excessive New York summer heat to bring more adventures of the Reagan family to the small screen. Blue Bloods executive producer Siobhan Byrne O'Connor also shared photos of the set on Thursday.

Wahlberg shared a funny clip on his Instagram Story Thursday, with himself and co-star Marisa Ramirez in the backseat of a car. "It's 380 degrees outside, so we're hiding in the car for air conditioning," Wahlberg said while Ramirez ate watermelon chunks. He also shared a photo of the two laughing, adding, "Never a dull moment." In another video, Wahlberg showed the makeup crew wiping off sweat and fixing his tie.

(Photo: Donnie Wahlberg/@donniewahlberg)

Moynahan tweeted a video from the set with Wahlberg. The on-screen siblings were all smiles as they welcomed everyone back for Season 13. On Wednesday, Moynahan tweeted a stylish photo of herself in an elevator in full Erin Reagan makeup, adding, "Guess who is ready for [Blue Bloods Season 13]?"

Byrne O'Connor's Instagram page is an underrated spot for Blue Bloods updates. Back on June 29, she revealed that the Season 13 premiere is called "Keeping the Faith." She wrote the episode with Blue Bloods showrunner Kevin Wade. The episode will be directed by Alex Zakrzewski, who has directed 18 Blue Bloods episodes over the past decade.

The executive producer also shared some beautiful photos of the Manhattan skyline during location scouting for the premiere. On Thursday, Byrne O'Connor published photos of a parking lot zoned off for shooting and the sign of the fictional Queens Boat Basin. "Here we are on day 1: breakfast truck [check] cones [check] skyline [check] fictional Queens Boat Basin [check] And scorching Sun, but the crew that sweats together sticks together," she wrote.


Although he wasn't in any of the photos seen so far, Tom Selleck will be back for Season 13. In an interview with PopCulture.com, Wade called the living legend the "center of gravity" for the show. Selleck even has a say in his character's stories. "I'd go to him and say, 'We want to do this. We want to do this kind of story,' or 'Have you come up against this kind of character?' And we talk about it, and eventually, we do it," Wade said.

Blue Bloods was renewed for a 13th season in May. During the Season 12 finale, Erin finally committed to running for Manhattan District Attorney, a job that will surely put her at odds with her father, Commissioner Frank Reagan (Selleck), if she wins the election. Det. Maria Baez (Ramirez) also adopted the daughter of a trafficked teenage girl. Season 13 premieres on CBS Friday, Oct. 7.