'Blue Bloods': Danny Fights to Save Son's Relationship With Girlfriend

Blue Bloods returned to CBS Friday night with a dramatic episode featuring Danny Reagan taking on a case that was a little different from the usual. He had to prove to his new neighbor Ron that his son Sean deserves to date Ron's daughter.

The story began with Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) introducing himself to Ron, who was banging on another neighbor's door after learning Jennifer skipped school. Danny told him he was banging on the wrong door and the person his daughter was with was Sean (Andrew Terraciano).

When the two dads went into Danny's house, they found Jennifer and Sean singing together. Sean said there was a teacher planning day, so they were not really skipping school. The scene still left Rob angry and Danny made a poor first impression.

Later on, Sean got angry with Danny because Jennifer suddenly stopped following him on social media. Sean explained that Jennifer's dad thought Danny was a bad influence.

Danny confronted Ron about this, insisting Sean is a good kid and they should let the two see each other. During his investigation into Ron, he learned Ron is from Texas. Ron told Danny that where he comes from, they do not let the kids decide who they can hang out with.

When Ron was attacked for telling someone to lower their music that night, it was Danny that he went to first.

The next day, Danny took Ron to the precinct to show that the police arrested the men who attacked him the night before. This proved to Ron that Danny is a good guy.

"Thanks, Reagan, I mean it," Ron said.

"Hey, you moved here, you got mugged. It's official, you're a New Yorker now," Danny said. "But next time you want to 'stand your ground' or whatever the hell it is you do down there in Texas, don't. And don't call me. Call 911."

Ron agreed to, then admitted he spoke to Jennifer about Sean. He said his daughter told him that Sean has been respectful and helpful. Ron even got tickets to a Rangers game so the kids could go out on a date.

Elsewhere in "Disrupted," Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) learned that an ambush by activists at a restaurant was all part of a scam. Anthony (Steven Schirripa) got concerned after a psychiatric patient attacked a doctor his ex-wife was seeing, and Erin (Bridget Moynahan) had to calm him down. Jamie (Will Estes) also blamed himself for a disgruntled former cop-turned-taxi driver who shot another Uber driver, and told Eddie (Vanessa Ray) he has to learn from his own mistakes.

During the Reagan family dinner, the family talked about what Nicky (Sami Gayle) should do after graduating college. Frank insisted that ambushes or "disruptions" like the one he faced early in the episode was not a tactic anyone should use to get what they want.

New episodes of Blue Bloods air Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.


Photo credit: CBS