'Blue Bloods' Cast Goes Behind-the-Scenes of Jamie and Eddie's Wedding in New Video

Blue Bloods fans will finally get the wedding between Jamie and Eddie they have been waiting years for in Friday night's Season 9 finale, and to mark the occasion, CBS released a video tracing the relationship history of "Jamko."

Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) was introduced in Season 4 as a recurring character, a rookie cop to join then-Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) on patrol. Over the years, their chemistry became more and more obvious, to the point that in Season 8, they could no longer contain themselves. At the end of Season 8, the couple finally got engaged.

In Season 9, their relationship was tested as Jamie was promoted to sergeant and Eddie transferred to his new precinct, making Jamie her boss at work. They also continued to learn new things about themselves that might have challenged other couples, but somehow, they stayed the course.

"I think at the beginning, Jamko always showed a spark of chemistry that could not be denied," Sami Gayle, who plays Nicky, said in the clip.

"I think when Blue Bloods started, this was not something that anyone saw coming, that Jamie would suddenly get married one day," Donnie Wahlberg, who stars as Jamie's older brother Danny, said. "And I don't think it would have happened if it was any other actor or actress besides Vanessa Ray. She's such a force in the show and such a like, no pun intended, ray of light."

Wahlberg suggested the two characters work so well together because they are opposites that "compliment each other very well."

"She kind of brings a little bit more of his personality out and she pushes him a bit," Bridget Moynahan, who stars as Jamie's older sister Erin, said. "I think that Jamie and Eddie struggled with keeping their relationship professional, and recognizing the feelings that they had for each other."

When Eddie and Jamie told his father they got engaged, Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) was not happy about their plan to continue working together. But then Jamie took the sergeant's exam and thought they would finally be working apart. That did not last long, since Eddie transferred to his precinct. At least they are not riding together. Since then, Eddie has a seat at the Reagan family dinner.

"This episode [establishes that] now that Eddie is a part of this family, what is that going to look like? Talking about kids, all of these other things," Ray said in another clip released this week. "The journey certainly doesn't stop with this wedding. It's the beginning of some other questions."

Blue Bloods airs at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The show will be back for a 10th season in the fall.


Photo credit: CBS