'Blue Bloods' Alum Jennifer Esposito Fires up 'Law & Order: SVU' Squad in New Clip

Former Blue Bloods cast member Jennifer Esposito is stepping into the world of Law and Order: SVU as seen in a new clip.

Esposito is stepping into the role of Sgt. Phoebe Baker in her second appearance on SVU. She plays an old colleague of Fin (Ice T) from his time in narcotics, before moving to the New York Police Department's Vice Unit. As the preview, published by TV Line shows, she will help Fin find pop-up brothels in the city, and track down the people behind them.

"The internet moved traditional street trade indoors," Sgt. Baker explains in the clip. "So now we're just talking more obvious front."

She also notes that she knows Fin from his "Narco days, when he actually used to work for a living.

"Baker's been busting my balls for over 20 years," he adds.

Finally, the clip summarizes the episode's plot. Baker helps Fin and his team track down "The Dollhouse," a brothel that changes location around the city frequently. In no time, she finds the ad online, and Fin recognizes one of the girls on it.

“These operations are getting wise,” Sgt. Baker says. “The pop-up brothels are the new frontier.”

Esposito posed with Ice T for a behind-the-scenes video he posted on Twitter last month as well. It shows the two actors in coats and hats, trying to outlast the winter weather while filming SVU.

"Me and Jennifer Esposito are standing out here, it's freezing," Ice T said. "It's six degrees. People think that we're in fake cold."

"It's not fake cold," Esposito said, "I'm stuck to your freaking jacket!"

While she is playing a brand new character, this is actually not Esposito's first appearance on SVU. She had a role early on in the show, playing a TV reporter and sexual assault survivor in Season 1, Episode 20, titled "Remorse." Her new role ignores that appearance, and the two characters are unrelated.


Another teaser, which has aired on TV, casts suspicion on Esposito's new character, Sgt. Baker. It introduces her as Fin's "friend in Vice that may be able to help," and shows the two clinking wine glasses. However, it shows how the investigation into the online brothels becomes compromised, and the Unit is convinced that someone on the inside was compromised.

Esposito has a long and illustrious resume in Hollywood, including a two-year stint on Blue Bloods as Jackie Curatola. She has since appeared on NCIS, Blindspot and the upcoming series The Boys. Esposito's episode of Law and Order: SVU airs on Thursday, Feb. 14 at 10 p.m. ET.