'BH90210' Star Shannen Doherty's Beloved Horse Has Died: 'My Heart Is Shattered'

Shannen Doherty shared some sad news on her Instagram late Tuesday evening.

The 90210 star, who has long expressed her love of animals, reported that one of her horses suddenly passed away.

She made the news public on social media, sharing a sad but heartwarming farewell to her horse, Picasso.

“Picasso, I guess you’re not supposed to have favorites but he was in fact my favorite. I fell in love with him out at a barn where my other horses were. He was for sale but serious professional riders were looking at him to be their Grand Prix horse. When they were done testing him, I would give him a bath, walk him, feed him carrots and apples and talk to him. We were bonded. I was told to not buy him. He was too strong, hard to handle, needed a male rider, etc. I bought him anyway cause I didn’t like how the people who were looking to buy him treated him,” Doherty shared in her post.

She continued on in the lengthy post, explaining how ‘he became mine and I became his. She noted how Picasso was “gentle” and they both trusted one another.

“I was in love. The love never wavered,” Doherty explained in the post.

Her decision to buy the horse, aside from how potential buyers treated him, was because “I wanted him to be a horse. To run free. To hang out with other horses. To just be a horse.”

She concluded the post by mentioning the details of the horse’s tragic passing.

“Today, he suffered a ruptured intestine. No surgery possible. No way to save him. He died 20 minutes before I could even get to him. My heart is shattered,” Doherty concluded, adding the hashtag [Picasso] and the date of his passing.

Doherty previously lost another one of her horses in 2017 when Sammy passed away.


Doherty finds herself back in the spotlight as the reboot of BH90210 has captured audiences new and old after premiering last week. The series, which is Fox's most-streamed summer debut ever, is slated to air for six episodes.

The show airs on Wednesday's at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.