'BH90210' Canceled After One Season at Fox

After an abbreviated return to the Fox television lineup, BH90210 is once again being put to rest. After Beverly Hills, 90210 ended and was rebooted as 90210 for The CW, the revival bringing back the original cast was meant to be an event.

In the end, the result was mixed as Brian Austin Green, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Shannen Doherty and the rest returned to play hyper-realistic versions of themselves. The show dealt with the actors trying to get a reboot of the original series off the ground across six episodes.

The result as a 1.9 million total in viewership, with a 0.7 rating for it finale according to TV Line.

“We are so proud to have reunited in a very special summer event one of the network’s legacy series and casts with 90210 fans across the country,” FOX TV said in a statement according to TV Line. “Profound thanks to and respect for Brian [Austin Green], Gabrielle [Carteris], Ian [Ziering], Jason [Priestley], Jennie [Garth], Shannen [Doherty] and Tori [Spelling], who, along with the entire crew and everyone at FOX and CBS Television Studios, poured their hearts and souls into this truly inventive and nostalgic revival.”

The first season of the revival ended on a cliffhanger, leaving it up in the air what stars would return for the second season as the fictional network decided to move ahead with "major changes" that wouldn't be able to handle all the original cast.

"This season you'll just see us kind of getting back together and finding our friendships again, and starting to film the reboot, so next season would be like a full-on reboot, so it would be a show within a show," Tori Spelling told E! News before the finale in August.

Now that cliffhanger is gone for good because none of the original cast will be returning for anything.


The event series had been teased for months ahead of its summer premiere. This included plenty of questions about how they will handle the passing of late castmate Luke Perry after his tragic death following a stroke. Sadly, it played a role in bringing the series together in its final form for Shannen Doherty.

"I definitely wasn't going to do it," Doherty said according to TVLine. "I knew that the show would get sold and do well with or without me. They didn't need me. So it just wasn't, at that moment, what I wanted to be doing. When Luke passed away, things drastically changed for me, and I felt like it was a great opportunity to honor him."