'Better Call Saul' Welcomes Back Two 'Breaking Bad' Favorites, and Fans Couldn't Be Happier

Monday night's episode of Better Call Saul was something of a mini-Breaking Bad reunion. Given that the legal drama takes place before Breaking Bad, every season creeps closer to its timeline. Tonight's episode "The Guy for This," took one giant leap in that direction, with the return of Dean Norris and Steven Michael Quezada as Albuquerque's favorite meth-busting DEA agents, Hank Schrader and Steve "Gomie" Gomez.

The two Breaking Bad alums are brought into the fold after last week's arrest of Domingo (Maximino Arciniega), better known as Krazy 8. After getting caught by the cops in the presence of 10 bags of illegal drugs, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) is brought in -- both for his legal advice as well as his increasingly flexible legal morals. This puts Saul directly in front of both Hank and Gomie, the DEA agents brought in to investigate.

Needless to say, Breaking Bad fans were quite happy to see Hank and Gomie back in action.

"Well if isn't our favorite inappropriate DEA agent," wrote one fan, referring to Hank's many... misdeeds during Breaking Bad's five-season run.

A second pointed out that, "with Hank and Gomie, we are another step closer to the mothership."

Still, another viewer added that they would "totally watch an entire series about Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez. Just putting that out there."

Given that both Hank and Gomie were receptive to Saul's legal proposition, to make Krazy 8 their exclusive cooperative informant in exchange for them dropping the charges, it seems that the two of them will be showing up again. And they'll almost certainly be making things more difficult for Saul, who's also being increasingly pulled into the nefarious dealings of the Salamanca crew.

While Better Call Saul has had a parade of Breaking Bad alums over the course of its run, Hank and Gomie are far and away the two biggest characters to make the crossover. During the Season 5 premiere last week, Robert Forster's Ed also made a brief cameo in the cold open, which found Saul's post-Breaking Bad alias compromised by a random cab driver.


Before the show ends with Season 6 next year, co-creator Vince Gilligan told Us Weekly that fans are "definitely going to see some familiar faces from the past" before the Season 5 finale in the weeks ahead.

Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on AMC.