'Bellevue' Fans Lose It After [Spoiler] Tries to Kiss Annie

Bellevue might have two gruesome murders at its center, but fans can still find the laughs in the series' few moments of light.

As Annie (Anna Paquin) gets closer and closer to finding the truth about The Riddler and his connection to the murders of Jesse Sweetland and Sandy Driver, viewers also catch glimpses of the drama going on in her personal life.

During Tuesday's episode, Annie finds out that her baby daddy and ex Ed (Allen Leech) is dating Brianna, her co-worker detective Brady's (Billy MacLellan) sister. At first, Annie is convinced that she just caught them after having a one-time fling and tells Brady to warn his sister about Ed never calling again.

Later in the hour, as the town is celebrating an arrest being made in the Jesse Sweetland case (Sadie O'Neil), Annie notices Ed and Brianna arriving together.

She tries to confront Ed about being in that relationship, despite the fact they slept together a day ago, but Ed shoots her down before they can discuss the matter further.

Annie then runs into Brady, who is about to come in but she asks if he wants to go somewhere to get drunk, the two just sit in his car and talk.

Brady tells Annie his sister is lost and that's why she's going for a loser like Ed, but that he is perfect for Annie because she is strong and does not need anyone to protect her.

Annie finds it flattering, which Brady interprets as a flirtation and starts to nervously smile, looking for approval to kiss Annie. However, she just tells him she has to go and gets out of his car.

Viewers see Brady sigh in frustration as Annie walks away. Bellevue star Anna Paquin took to Twitter to comment on the moment.

"Nothing says "f— you" like almost hooking up with your baby daddy's girlfriend's brother," Paquin tweeted.


Fans also took to the social media platform to laugh off the awkward moment between both detectives.

Bellevue airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on WGN America