'Bellevue' Fans Shook After Jesse Sweetland's Killer Is Revealed

Bellevue revealed who killed transgender teen Jesse Sweetland and fans are shook.

After finding out that Tom's (Vincent Leclerc) alibi was a lie, the police find out that Tom, Mayor "Mother" Mansfield Father Jameson (Joe Cobden) confronted Jesse about his trans identity.

Later in the episode it is revealed that someone else was at the church that night, detective Brady Holt (Billy Mac Lellan).

Annie (Anna Paquin) visits Brady's home and finds him packing for a camping trip. She says she has to go to the bathroom before she can leave and there she finds an empty bottle of the antibiotic. Brady contracted the bacteria common in the lake where Jesse was killed.

With Brady nowhere to be found, Annie searches his garage and finds a white truck — the one Jesse was last seen in before his death. Annie is then surprised by an emotional Brady who, pointing a gun at her, confesses he was also at the church when Jesse got the intimidating talk.

Driving off in the white truck, Brady confesses that he picked up Jesse to comfort him after the priest, the mayor and the hockey coach tried to shame him for being trans. Brady also reveals a shocking secret: He is in love with his sister Briana (Amber Goldfarb).

In flashbacks, viewers see the moment when Jesse tells Brady he's nothing like him, and he tries to run away from him. Brady then confesses he had to kill Jesse to see him quiet about his secret.

The heartbreaking reveal debunks the theory that the murders of Jesse Sweetland (Sadie O'Neil) and Sandy Driver were in any way connected, as Jesse just died for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fans of the crime drama were shocked at the reveal, as well as at Brady's quick death after he is run over by a mysterious person before he tries to kill Annie.

Fans were also quick to theorize what would happen during the season finale.


Bellevue will air its season finale Tuesday March, 13 at 10 p.m. ET on WGN America.