Beloved Batman Character Finally Coming to Live-Action

Although it seems like just about every aspect of Batman mythology has been translated into live-action at some point, there are a few characters who have fallen through the cracks. One of them is Carrie Kelley, who was Robin in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. That will change with The CW's Gotham Knights pilot, which will star Raven's Home actress Natalie Abrams in the role.

Gotham Knights was ordered to pilot last month and is set in a world where Bruce Wayne is murdered. Bruce's rebellious adopted son decides to make a team of children whose parents are Batman's greatest enemies after they are framed for the killing. The show was created by Batwoman writers Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux, and Natalie Abrams. While Greg Berlanti is also an executive producer on the project, Gotham Knights is not a spin-off of Batwoman or any Arrowverse series.

Oscar Morgan (Masters of the Air) was cast as Bruce's adopted son, Turner Hayes, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Bruce took him in after his parents were killed, and Turner hopes he can live up to Bruce's name. Olivia Rose Keegan (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series) will play Duela, the daughter of a dangerous criminal who was born in Arkham Asylum. Robinson's version of Carrie Kelly is described as an idealistic teenager who talked her way into being Batman's new Robin.

The Duela character is possibly another version of Duela Dent, who was played by Alessandra Torresani in Batwoman. Duela used the name Joker's Daughter in the comics and first appeared in 1976. Turner Hayes is a brand new character.

Carrie Kelley was created by Miller and made her debut in The Dark Knight Returns (1986). The character has appeared in animated form, most famously in the New Batman Adventures episode "Legends of the Dark Knight." She also appeared in a Teen Titans Go! episode. A still photo of Carrie appeared in the HBO Max series Titans, but that was just an Easter Egg.

The Gotham Knights series is not related to other projects that have used that title, including the upcoming video game. The game will feature Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing. It will be released on Oct. 25 and is also set in a world after Batman's death. 

Yet another version of Batman is in theaters now. Matt Reeves' The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson in the title role, hit theaters last week. Colin Farrell will reprise his role as the Penguin in an upcoming HBO Max prequel series.