'American Horror Story' Star Angela Bassett Wants to Return for New 'Coven' Season

Could Marie Laveau make another appearance one a future American Horror Story season? Angela Bassett is totally in.

The 9-1-1 star opened up about her desire to reprise her Coven character once again in a future installment of the FX anthology series, a few weeks after co-creator Ryan Murphy teased the witches would return after the Apocalypse season.

"Not next season," Murphy told reporters as he received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star recently, "but we have something really fun planned."

In an interview with TooFab, Bassett expressed her excitement following Murphy's announcement, also reflecting on why fans of the series were so happy to see the characters from Season 3 return in such a big way in Apocalypse.

"It's the year of the woman, female empowerment, I am woman hear me roar. They're roaring, making noise and making things happen," she told the outlet. "Standing strong and voices being appreciated and it's just interesting. It's very, very interesting and a lot of fun. Bring the witches back!"

When asked if she would return for the upcoming season, she answered with an enthusiastic: "Yeah!"

After starring in Coven alongside many AHS powerhouses like Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Jessica Lange, Bassett reprised her role as Marie in the season finale of Apocalypse, when her character was freed from Papa Legba's hell to help Cordelia (Paulson) and the other witches in their epic battle against Michael Langdon (Cody Fern).

Laveau made a surprise appearance and helped the witches by killing new Voodoo queen Dinah (Adina Porter), who had betrayed them and aligned herself with Michael. The Anti-Christ killed Marie as the fight intensified by removing her heart in a gruesome scene and taking a bite out of her heart.

The show, however, went back in time and established a new timeline in the finale, meaning Marie could once again return in a future season.


Bassett also made appearances on Freak Show and Hotel before she committed to Murphy's Fox procedural 9-1-1, which she stars in alongside Peter Krause and Oliver Stark. Bassett also had quite a busy 2018, starring in the Marvel film Black Panther, a role on the latest Mission Impossible film and voicing the first female Transformer in the upcoming film Bumblebee, in theaters Dec. 21.

9-1-1 will return with new episodes March 18 on Fox. American Horror Story will return for a new season likely in fall of 2019. The anthology series has been renewed for a ninth and tenth season.