America Ferrera Addresses Possibility of 'Ugly Betty' Reboot

An Ugly Betty reunion may not be in the works at the moment but America Ferrera has hopes for her former character, Betty Suarez.

The actress opened up about the possibility of a reboot to the popular ABC dramedy, based on the Colombian telenovela, and gave a sort-of disheartening update.

"No, there haven't been more conversations of a reunion," Ferrera told reporters during Superstore's panel at the 2019 Television Critics Association winter press tour.

However, not all is lost as Ferrera expressed interest in returning to her iconic character, and even suggested a crossover with Superstore, Entertainment Weekly first reported.

"I love Betty and it would be so interesting to go back and try to play her again from where I am now and who I am now," she said.

Ferrera noted that she would love to see Betty meet and have a conversation with her Superstore character, Amy, a cynical assistant manager at a Walmart-Like store, given how different the two characters are from each other.

"They're completely opposite and very different, like in my point of view," she told reporters. "I came off of Ugly Betty and wasn't on a show for five years, and I think part of what really drew me to the character of Amy was I had just spent four years playing this bright, sunny, lovely, radiating young woman who the world couldn't knock down no matter how hard it tried. And that was fun and so exhausting and also felt like one way to experience a womanhood where you just wake up every day regardless of what's happening and put on a smile and make people around you feel inspired and comfortable with who you are and who they want you to be."

She added: "Amy was on the exact opposite of that spectrum — a woman who was done making people feel comfortable with who she was. The fact that she doesn't feel the need to crack a smile or laugh at someone's stupid joke, or make someone feel more comfortable with the dumb thing they said and probably shouldn't have said, it was so appealing to me to get to explore what it's like to work through the world as a woman without trying to make people like you. It's been a wonderful experience going from Betty to Amy, and I would love to see those women interact. They do inside of me all the time."


Talks of an Ugly Betty reunion first began in 2016, after the cast got together for a panel at the ATX festival and said they would be interested in participating in a revival of the series.

Would you watch an Ugly Betty reunion or revival? Until then, Ferrera stars in Superstore, which returns with new episodes Thursday, March 7 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.