Al Roker's Reaction to the Baby Yoda Macy's Parade Float Is Priceless

Al Roker is just as big of a fan of Baby Yoda as the rest of us. The TODAY show star had an adorable reaction to the Grogu balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the internet is having a ball with his enthusiastic response. When the beloved character from The Mandalorian appeared on the parade route, Roker began shouting, "Baby Yoda! I love you, Baby Yoda!"

The charming moment immediately made the rounds on Twitter, with one user writing, "I want al roker's joy when he was pointing out the baby yoda parade balloon." Another person joked, "Forget Santa Claus, the holiday season officially starts when Al Roker screams 'BABY YODA!' into the cold morning air." A third person simply observed, "Al Roker is EXTREMELY excited about Baby Yoda."

"Al Roker losing his entire mind when he saw the baby Yoda balloon is the thanksgiving energy I need," one viewer wrote of the moment, as another added, "Al Roker screaming 'Baby Yoda! I love you!' is how I'll also react if I see a Grogu balloon." So many people found Roker's reaction relatable, with one Twitter user writing, "I've never related to anything more than Al Roker yelling 'BABY YODA I LOVE YOU!' at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade," and another chiming in, "Al Roker and I are expressing the same level of excitement over the Baby Yoda balloon."

 People loved the "chaotic joy" Roker brought to the parade in this moment, with one viewer even pitching, "Give me that Al Roker/Baby Yoda buddy cop movie, you cowards!" Another joked, "Find someone who feels about you the way Al Roker feels about the baby yoda blimp," while someone else wrote, "Al Roker yelling out 'Baby Yoda!!!!' as if he's going to wave back at him made my morning."


Roker has long been a star of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, battling a "butter man" at the 2019 parade, even shoving him away from him at one moment. In 2020, the weatherman reunited with the overly-enthusiastic person dressed as a stick of butter who had followed him throughout the parade to show their feud had melted.