Al Roker Shuts Down Troll: 'Guess You’re Having a Man Mopey Monday'

Al Roker is feeling sassy — again — on social media. The 63-year-old Today retweeted a bitter viewer on Twitter and mocked him for his attitude.

The Twitter troll initially tweeted at Roker, writing, "What is this 'Man-crush Monday' bulls—? I remember when @TODAYshow used to be a family show, but now your show seems to be creeping more and more to this kind of crap." The user added a link to a YouTube video unrelated to the Today show.

Roker retweeted the troll's message, writing, "Wow, Stan. You're complaining we're a family show but using that kind of language? And you say you like fun? Guess you're having a Man Mopey Monday."

The jab ignited many messages of support from Roker's Twitter followers, praising him for poking fun at "Stan" without taking it too far.

"Wish I had more than one "heart" for your (always graceful and classy) responses to these types of comments," one person wrote.

"I always appreciate how you handle mean tweets. Stay classy, Al Roker," another person said.

"I think Stan took #MCM a little bit too serious this morning!!!! Good grief!!!! This is why you can't have a little fun anymore," someone else wrote.

One Twitter user defended Roker and the Today show, writing that their segment on Man Crush Monday was meant to be taken lightly and that the show never claimed to be a "family show" in the first place.

"Since when is 'man crush Monday' an inappropriate thing to say? And the Today Show isn't a 'family show' It's a news source. There's a lot more inappropriate stories than man crush Monday," the person wrote.

This isn't Roker's first time calling out Twitter trolls. Earlier this month, Roker blasted a Twitter user who called for a man to take disgraced anchor Matt Lauer's position instead of Hoda Kotb.

Hours after NBC News Chairman Andy Lack announced that Hoda Kotb would be co-anchoring Today alongside Savannah Guthrie, Roker took to Twitter to defend his co-worker after a fan of the show stated that she "was looking for a seasoned man."

"Sorry Hoda ur great with Kathylee but not as anchor. Was looking for a seasoned man - guess NBC doesn't have one," the fan wrote.

"Sounds like you want a steak, not an anchor," Roker commented, quoting the tweet in question.


The fan responded, defending herself by saying, "it's not a gender issue but rather personality. You all are in hype over the wrong issue."

Roker was quick to comment once again, stating that he guesses "' seasoned man' has nothing to do with gender. I misunderstood."