ABC Viewers Divided After Network Sticks With 'All in the Family' Live Special Over Impeachment

Tonight's vote over impeaching President Donald Trump dominated the conversation today, but ABC opted to cut its coverage short to run its live broadcast of Live in Front of a Studio Audience as scheduled. It was a surprising move, given the historical significance of impeachment, but it was their decision nonetheless. As it turns out, quite a few people were thankful that they wouldn't be stuck waiting for their regularly scheduled programming.

While it's unclear exactly what happened, it seems that the decision was quite literally made at the last minute, as it appeared ABC would continue airing the impeachment vote before abruptly changing course shortly after 8pm EST.

Whatever went down behind the scenes, not everyone was impressed with ABC's choice of programming. Some went online to state that they believed the network made the wrong call in not delaying the second production of Live. Even if it would've pushed into tonight's installment of The Masked Singer as well.

While ABC has been using commercial breaks to update viewers on the process of the impeachment votes, they weren't alone in having their shows cut short. After an episode of Wheel of Fortune was also affected by the impeachment hearings, fans aired their grievances online.


Tonight's installment of Live in Front of a Studio Audience featured recreations of two classic Norman Lear sitcoms, All in the Family and Good Times.