ABC Not Airing 'Modern Family,' Other Wednesday Night Shows Due to CMA Awards

Modern Family fans will have to wait a few weeks before seeing what happens after the big pregnancy reveal.

ABC will not be airing its usual Wednesday lineup on Nov. 14 — consisting of The Goldbergs, American Housewife, Modern Family, Single Parents and A Million Little Things — to make room for the telecast of the 52nd CMA Awards hosted by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

Modern Family will once again leave fans hanging the following week, as it will be playing a rerun episode on Nov. 21. New episodes of the family comedy series will return on Nov. 28, likely with Haley (Sarah Hyland) telling her parents about being pregnant with Dylan's (Reid Ewing) baby.

"Haley needs a little motherly advice from Claire as she considers her future with Dylan and her career. Meanwhile, Jay and Cam's less than politically correct coaching style earns them a class on sensitivity from Manny and Phil; and Mitch runs into Phil's nemesis, Gil, at an unlikely place," the official synopsis for the episode, titled "Kids These Days" reads.

Series co-creator Christopher Lloyd recently gave a glimpse as to how Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) will react to their upcoming upgrade to grandparent status.

"They react about nine different ways, you can imagine," Lloyd told E! News. "They're younger than people typically become grandparents, and they have a lot of misgivings about whether Haley is ready, but there are also huge echoes of their own experience getting pregnant at a time when they were not expecting it and probably felt overwhelmed by it."

The upcoming episode will find Haley struggling with how to tell her family about the news, which was revealed to her while on a surprise visit to the emergency room in the latest episode.

"I think she's aware that Dylan is maybe not Claire's favorite, and she wants to find a way to frame this news in the best way possible," he teased. "So we do have a pretty funny episode where she makes several runs at breaking the news, and then we have a pretty big fallout from that. It looks like maybe the family has taken the news in stride, and they don't."


The pregnancy shocker comes on the heels of the big death reveal for Modern Family, which has been packing the plot twists into its tenth season.

New episodes of The Goldbergs, American Housewife, Single Parents and A Million Little Things will also return on Nov. 28.