'Abby's,' 'The Village' and 'The Enemy Within' Fans Sound off on NBC Cancellations

Abby's, The Village and The Enemy Within might not have had enough viewers to stay alive for next season, but the shows did have vocal fanbases that are disappointed by NBC's decision to cancel them.

On Thursday, NBC made the delayed decision to cancel the three freshman shows. The network held off on making the decision until dramas The Village and The Enemy Within finished their runs. Abby's still has three episodes left, airing Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

None of the shows were breakout hits, which is always difficult for midseason shows, and they were not embraced by critics. The Enemy Within finished its 13-episode season on May 20, while The Village's 10-episode season ended on May 21.

Abby's included Michael Schur as an executive producer and was created by Josh Malbuth. Considering Schur's resume, which includes The Good Place, The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NBC had reasons to think Abby's would work. It had a unique premise, being filmed on an outdoor set with an audience, plus Parks and Recreation star Natalie Morales and The Middle's Neil Flynn.

"Well, so much for 'letting us finish our run,'" Morales tweeted. "There are 3 episodes left of this show I’m so proud of. This groundbreakingly inclusive, big hearted, found-family show we all poured our hearts into. 2 very special eps tonight at 9pm. I’m gonna go & get drunk with my friends."

The Enemy Within might have been a little too close to The Blacklist for some. Like that show, it involved an agent teaming up with a criminal to catch other criminals. In The Enemy Within, Morris Chestnut played the agent, and Jennifer Carpenter played the criminal, a former CIA director convicted of treason. It was the second straight short-lived show for Chestnut, who previously starred in FOX's two-season medical drama Rosewood.

As for The Village, the Mike Daniels-created show was clearly trying to pull the same heartstrings as This Is Us, but was not pulling enough of them to get a second season. The ambitious series centered on characters who lived in a Brooklyn apartment building.

Fans did not take the news well, with some getting really mad that NBC would rather fill its schedules with shows like America's Got Talent and Songland than scripted dramas.

"OMG really? I’m just wondering is everybody that works for nbc just stupid. I mean u keep canceling great shows The Village & The Enemy Within for what another stupid reality show or some show like America’s Got Talent or Songland? I mean we need great shows NOT THAT JUNK," one viewer wrote.

"no offense but f– you for cancelling the enemy within i literally watched the series in 3 days just to find out its being cancelled i do not support," one person bluntly wrote to NBC.

"Really enjoyed The Village I was hoping to see the characters stories continue... Sad to see it canceled," another wrote.


"Damn. So sorry, girl. It was such a fun show and you were magic on it and made us all proud. Sending you a big squeeze, and toasting my wine to you tonight. Can’t wait to see what’s next for ya," Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Melissa Fumero wrote to Morales about Abby's.

"sorry it got cancelled, seeing such important representation on our screens is always something we want [heart emoji] thanks for everything you guys did and all u stand for," another fan wrote to Morales.