'A Christmas Story Live' Gets Panned By Fans on Twitter

A Christmas Story Live didn't get great reviews from fans tuning in tonight, especially those unfamiliar with the Broadway adaptation of the beloved Christmas movie. Even those who weren't "hate-watching" had their own criticisms of the two-hour Fox special.

The live broadcast starred Matthew Broderick as the narrator with newcomer Andy Walken taking on the role of Ralphie. Maya Rudolph co-stars as his mom, while Chris Diamantopoulos plays "The Old Man." Jane Krakowski played Ralphie's teacher and Ken Jeong was a tree salesman.

Some viewers called it a "train wreck" and left early on.

More than one Twitter user said the best part of it all was seeing the live trailer for Hugh Jackman's The Greatest Showman.

One person suggested that the only thing that could make this show exciting is an epic flub.

Even musical fans thought it was terrible.


The show did have some defenders. Others thought it was preposterous for someone who hates musicals to spend their time watching one.

Photo credit: Facebook / Fox