‘Last Man Standing’: New Wedding Episode Gives Fans Plenty to Laugh at With Wild Mishaps

Last Man Standing fans were invited to a wedding this week, and since nothing went according to plan, everyone was laughing. Ed and Vanessa's mother Bonnie finally got married after their engagement last season. Vanessa was sure she knew a secret that could ruin everything, but the wedding still went off.

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At the beginning of "Romancing The Stone," Vanessa (Nancy Travis) revealed to Mandy (Molly McCook) that she really ruined Bonnie's (Susan Sullivan) first wedding. She learned Bonnie was pregnant with her at the time of the wedding, which convinced her she was responsible for the first wedding going wrong. Vanessa told Mandy it was up to her to make sure Ed (Hector Elizondo) makes it to the wedding.

Unfortunately, there were things going wrong beyond Vanessa's control. Mike (Tim Allen) was snowed in at their cabin and Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) could not be one of the bridesmaids. This meant Jen (Krista Marie Yu) had to fill that role, leaving Ryan (Jordan Masterson) as the sole usher.

Meanwhile, Mandy tried her best to keep an eye on Ed, but of course things went haywire. Ed ran off without his tuxedo, so Mandy, Kyle (Christoph Sanders) and Chuck (Jonathan Adams) were stuck trying to find him without Mike's help. They also tried to keep Ed's disappearance a secret from Vanessa, but Kyle just blurted it out. Thankfully, Ed's phone has a tracking device and they discovered he was in the hospital.

When Vanessa showed up at the hospital, Ed pretended nothing was wrong. It wasn't serious, but it also wasn't "nothing." He had a meatball-sized kidney stone, so he could not make the wedding. Ed said he did not want to postpone the wedding. Vanessa then admitted she was still trying to make up for "ruining" Bonnie's first wedding. Ed said it was not something she needed to care about, but then he realized Vanessa knew something. It turned out, Bonnie told Ed she was pregnant at her first wedding. Ed suggested it was time Vanessa told her mother she knows the truth.

Bonnie showed up at the hospital, and Vanessa told her she worried her mother held her ruined first wedding against her. Bonnie said that was not the case. She was mad at herself for being pregnant at her first wedding. Vanessa said she felt like she ruined her mother's life, but Bonnie told her this wasn't the case.

"Sweetheart, I got exactly the education I wanted," Bonnie said. "I raised an exceptional daughter."

The two hugged, then Ed got out of his bed and refused to call off the wedding. So, Vanessa hastily arranged to have the wedding at the hospital instead of a church. Jen, Mandy and Kristin (Amanda Fuller) all showed up at the wedding, with Jen taking over. Mike also made it just in time.

Bonnie and Ed exchanged vows in his hospital room, and Mike officiated the wedding.


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