‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama


‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama

'Game of Thrones' Fans Crushed After Multiple Characters Die in Episode 4

Game of Thrones fans are in a period of mourning after “The Last of the Starks” saw two more beloved characters fall.

Warning! Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 lie ahead!

Fans tuning into Sunday night’s new episode of the popular HBO series hoping for a break from the bloodbath that was the Battle of Winterfell were left in tears after the battle for the Iron Throne left two more characters among the fallen: Rhaegal, who was hit with a bolt shot by Euron Greyjoy, and Missandei, who was executed by the Mountain in front of Daenerys and Grey Worm after being captured.

As the episode aired and the characters became the latest victims in the already deadly season, tributes to Rhaegal and Missandei began pouring in on social media.

“She deserved better,” one fan wrote following Missandei’s death. “RIP [Missandei].”

“I can't get over Rhaegal's death,” one person commented. “Nevermind that he's a CG dragon, his last scene just strikes me as incredible cruel and cheap. You have the swelling, triumphant music that suggests everythings fine only to watch him get skewered repeatedly.”

“In loving memories of Rhaegal, a real ride or die. RIP,” added another.

“Missendai of naath, a true princess, all she just wanted was to see the beaches again, may she rest easy,” one fan paid tribute.

The deaths left many fans rooting for Daenerys to take a page out of her ancestors’ book and go full Mad Queen on Kings Landing.

“I’m always #TeamJon for the throne. But after Cersei killing Rhaegal and executing Missandei in front of her, I sure hope the mad queen burn everyone in Kings Landing,” one person wrote. “DANY. BURN THEM ALL!!!!”

“Honestly. At this point ı'm all for mad queen [Daenerys],” another voiced their support. “amount of pain she suffered in the last episodes was just heartbreaking to see. I want her to destroy that filthy landing.”


By the end of the episode, Daenerys’ had appeared to be at her breaking point, and both Tyrion and Varys had feared that she would be an unfit leader, though fans will ultimately have to wait to see what happens in the “last war” for the Iron Throne. The battle is likely to be just as deadly, if not deadlier, than the Battle of Winterfell, meaning that the body count is likely to quickly rise.

Games of Thronespenultimate episode airs Sunday, May 12 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. The series is set to conclude on May 19th.