'Wheel of Fortune' Awkward Fail: Contestant Blurts out 'Gold Shower'

Wheel of Fortune suffered a pretty awkward fail recently, when a contestant tried to solve a puzzle by blurting out "gold shower."

During a recent episode of the show, the answer to the "Same Name" clue was "Bridal & Cold Shower." One contestant attempting to solve it, however, loudly stated, "Bridal & Gold Shower."

A silence fell across the studio, with some light clapping emerging after a few seconds. Host Pat Sajak let her know that was not correct and moved on the next contestant. That person answered the clue correctly.

Following the airing of the big slip, viewers quickly took to social media to joke about the moment.

"A woman on Wheel of Fortune just guessed 'GOLD' for the part of the phrase 'COLD SHOWER' and I’ve never regretted failing to capture something on my phone more," one person joked.

"I expect this type of answer on Family Feud not Wheel Of Fortune," another person quipped.

"A contestant on [Wheel of Fortune] just guessed, 'Bridal & Gold Shower' and I've never laughed so hard at a game show in my life," a user tweeted.

This certainly is not the first big Wheel of Fortune fail this year, though. In April, a contestant mispronounced the word "Flamenco" and lost a lot of money.

During that episode, the category was "Fun & Games," and a contestant named Jonny guessed the final letter, which revealed the puzzle's answer to be "Flamenco Dance Lessons."

When it was time to solve the puzzle, Jonny proudly pronounced it "Flamingo Dance Lessons." Confused, Jonny awaited to be told that he won, but Sajak told him that they could not give it to him and moved on to the next contestant, who accurately pronounced the term and was awarded $7,100 in prize money.


The host then explained to Jonny that he pronounced the word "flamengo" rather than "flamenco," but he continued to look puzzled, presumably under the impression that he answered correctly.

Check your local TV listings to see when Wheel of Fortune airs in your area so that you can tune in and catch the next hilarious contestant fail.