'Chicago Fire': Did Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd Finally Kiss Again?

During the second half of this week's Chicago PD/Chicago Fire crossover, the Firehouse 51 team played a major role in solving the Intelligence Unit's case of a serial bomber. But it was the personal stories that fans really focused in on, including the relationship between Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo).

Kelly and Stella tried their hardest to keep their relationship a friendly one, even though it is obvious that they mean so much to each other. They live together, after all, and Kelly is single. Stella started a relationship with hazmat team member Zach (Daniel di Tomasso), who seemed to have no problem with their relationship.

Last week, Kelly said he does not really want her to find her own place, and Stella told him how "special" he is in her life.

During Thursday's episode, Zach spotted Stella and Kelly in the break room at the firehouse. During their conversation, Stella told Kelly she wants him to be careful. To punctuate her comments, she put her hands on Kelly's shoulder.

Zach saw that, and it was clear to him that this is more than just a friendly relationship, and senses something is up. She keeps delaying pushing their relationship to the next level. He told Stella they should no longer be seeing each other, but Stella though it was an overreaction. Zach said it was not.

Later in the episode, after the case is solved, Stella finds Kelly watching Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window by himself. She told Kelly that Zach broke up with her, and he suggested they stay in. She agreed, then put her legs across Kelly's lap. The two enjoy the romantic scene from the classic film, and Stella looked over at Kelly. The episode then ends.

So, there was no kissing between the couple in this episode. They shared a drunken kiss in the fall finale "Down is Better," but they have yet to act on their chemistry.

"A great deal of [the rest of] this season is an off-again romance between these two," showrunner Derek Haas told TVGuide of the Kelly-Stella relationship in January.

Fans at home are just itching for Kelly and Stella to kiss. Here's how some reacted to the romantic moment at the end.


The next episode of Chicago Fire, "A Breaking Point," airs on Thursday, March 15 at 10 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC