'Chicago Med' Introduces Sarah Reese's Estranged Father

Dr. Sarah Reese has been through a lot this season on Chicago Med, but the appearance of an estranged relative may send her down another spiral.

The doctor, who recently overcame a lapse of post traumatic stress disorder, was contacted by her estranged father, astrophysics expert Bob Haywood (Robert Murtaugh), during Tuesday's all new episode of Chicago Med.

The man finds himself in the E.R. and asks for Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) specifically for a condition. He then confesses he is Dr. Sarah Reese's (Rachel DiPillo) father, and he regrets not reaching out to her in the past. He also reminds Charles he cannot reveal his medical condition, or that he treated him, to Sarah because of doctor/patient confidentiality.

Later in the episode, Sarah complains to Charles about her father reaching out after all these years.

"When a family member wants to seek resolution, it's never a bad thing, is it?" Charles says.

Sarah reveals her mom told her to stay away from her dad, as he would only hurt her. But she realizes that after the bad divorce, her opinion might be biased.

After the lecture, Bob tells Sarah he just wants another chance to get to know his daughter.

However, Charles catches him in a lie when Reese comments he said he wrote her when she was younger. He also becomes suspicious of Bob after he finds out he never picked up the prescription he got in the E.R., he was just in the hospital to get information on Sarah.

Before the end of the episode, Charles and Bob discuss his nasty divorce outside the hospital. Bob tells him he hasn't shared his condition with Sarah, and reveals he has burned most of his relationships in his life.

Charles deduces Bob is only back in Sarah's life so she can take care of him as his conditions weakens. Bob also admits he doesn't have much money so he wants her help in that department. Charles feels helpless for not being able to say anything to Sarah about her dad.


Chicago Med fans on Twitter were instantly not fans of the new character, feeling for Sarah, who has already had a tough season.

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.