WATCH: Trump Arrives at National Championship Game With SWAT Team

President Donald Trump caused quite a stir when he arrived at the College Football National Championship on Monday, with his full motorcade and security detail in tow.

The video shows the president making his way out to the field, surrounded by Secret Service and other armed guards. Behind him is a whole team in SWAT gear, carrying weapons and bags. A few also appear in camouflage and green.

Trump's security detail must be somewhat of a comfort for the event's organizers, who took great pains to ensure the safety of every spectator. In fact, some fans were infuriated by how tight security was, complaining that the lines moved too slow on the way in. Fans became legitimately concerned that they wouldn't make it through the security checkpoint in time for kickoff.

After the heartbreaking slew of mass shootings and tragedies in the past year, high occupancy venues and events like this are tense, and security precautions are at an all time high.

The president was booed as he made his public appearance at tonight's game. His motorcade received a loud jeer from fans waiting out in the long lines, and as he took the field he was roundly booed again. Some even scrutinized the video of the President mouthing the words to the National Anthem, wondering whether he knows the words or not.

On Twitter, many were saddened by the president's attendance, not because of his politics, but because his presence inevitably draws attention and headlines wherever he goes. Fans complained that the football game was meant to be a source of controversy-free entertainment, and both supporters and detractors of the president know that he is a controversial figure.