Shemar Moore Returns to 'Criminal Minds' in New Promo

Derek Morgan is making his way back to Criminal Minds next week, and he's looking to help his former team with one of the most difficult cases they've faced in some time.

In the first promo for "Lucky Strikes," which you can watch above, Shemar Moore returns to Criminal Minds for the first time since last season's finale.

While fans couldn't be happier about Derek Morgan's appearance, it also comes with some bad news. Morgan has come to help Penelope track down Floyd Feylinn Ferell, a killer that the team hunted all the way back in the third season.

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If you recall, Penelope was shot last time Ferell was on the loose, so she's got some difficult memories when it comes to this guy. To save her from having a breakdown, Morgan comes in to lift her spirits.

Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer told TVLine that Morgan's return is all about Penelope.

"She's going to deal with a reminder of [being shot]," Messer said. "And [she] may or may not get a little pep talk from Morgan."

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Moore isn't the only actor coming back to Criminal Minds next week. Jamie Kennedy will reprise his role as Floyd Ferell, despite not having played the character for a decade.

The episode is set to air on Wednesday, October 25 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.