Wendy's Receipt Lists Man's Name as 'Chubby'

Wendy's has found itself in some hot water after a patron recently discovered that his receipt [...]

Wendy's has found itself in some hot water after a patron recently discovered that his receipt from the fast food restaurant listed his name as "Chubby."

According to ABC 7, North Carolina resident Jimmy Shue went to Wendy's and ordered two burgers, one for his fiance and one for himself.

The employee behind the counter reportedly asked him for his name, which he gave, but when he got his receipt Shue noticed that the spot for his name read "Chubby" instead. He filed a complaint with the company and a spokesperson for Wendy's reportedly confirmed that the employee responsible has been let go.

While the Wendy's social media team is well-known for bringing heat and roasting other fast food companies, they've never resorted to outright name-calling or cruelly shaming customer in any way.

Recently, the Wendy's Twitter account burned a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan who got mad at them for making a light-hearted joke about the team's coach.

"Might need a Scott Frosty to ice down the beating Nebraska is taking," Wendy's wrote in a tweet joking about the team and their coach losing to Michigan 56 to 10.

Most people saw the clever joke for what it was, but one fan chided them, commenting that it was "not smart" to pick on the team because "Nebraska fans" might choose to boycott them.

Wendy's then quipped back that maybe they "should start selling pacifiers too."

The burn was so well-played that it led the user to delete their Twitter account entirely.

Some came to defend the user's stance, with one person writing, "Perhaps you could have class? Instead you could use it a way to BOOST sales when Nebraska wins and not make enemies of very outspoken people. Think before you speak."

Others, however, did not take issue with the jokes. Wendy's did not reply to every single comment, but they did defend themselves from users who accused them of being overly mean.

"What part of this joke was so mean? Suggesting a Frosty to ice the wounds? Too mean? We're sure you'll recover from the big bad tweet you read," the account replied to one user, while saying to someone else, "If you can't handle playful banter, you might want to avoid sports Twitter altogether. This is the shallow end."

For more of Wendy's hilarious tweets, check out their Twitter account here.