Wendy's Epic Clapback to Nebraska Fan Scores Major Points on Twitter

Wendy's recently made an epic clapback to a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, and it scored them major points on Twitter.

The whole thing started when Nebraska got beat by Michigan 56 to 10 over the weekend and the fast-food chain — who has come to be known for its sarcastic social media presence — took a shot at the team's coach, Scott Frost.

"Might need a Scott Frosty to ice down the beating Nebraska is taking," Wendy's wrote in a tweet, as reported by 12Up.

While many saw the humor in the tweet, others did not. One user in particular took the restaurant chain on by telling them that their tweet was "not smart" because it might make "Nebraska fans" not want to eat there.

Wendy's fired back that they were "pretty sure" Nebraska fans "also know how to take a joke." The user quipped, "Jokes are funny, this is not."

Wendy's then served up the "epic clapback," joking that maybe they "should start selling pacifiers too."

Apparently the burn was so vicious that it led the Twitter user to delete her account entirely.

Based on the replies, a number of other Nebraska fans have also commented on the post and appear to be equally as dissatisfied over the joke.

"Reading through this thread of tweets makes me think you don't know how this whole social media marketing thing works," one person commented. "May want to rethink the tone."

"Perhaps you could have class? Instead you could use it a way to BOOST sales when Nebraska wins and not make enemies of very outspoken people," another person wrote. "Think before you speak."

However, Wendy's did not miss an opportunity to continue it's scathing burns.


"What part of this joke was so mean? Suggesting a Frosty to ice the wounds? Too mean? We're sure you'll recover from the big bad tweet you read," the account replied to one person, while telling another, "If you can't handle playful bants, you might want to avoid sports Twitter altogether. This is the shallow end."

For more of Wendy's brutal tweets, check out their Twitter page and be sure to follow along on game days.