Wendy's Brings Back Its $5 Biggie Bag With New Items

Wendy's has brought back one of its most popular deals — the $5 Bacon Double Stack Biggie Bag. [...]

Wendy's has brought back one of its most popular deals — the $5 Bacon Double Stack Biggie Bag. The news was first reported by Chewboom, and celebrated by fast food lovers who are indecisive when it comes to their order. The combo is available at most Wendy's restaurants now, but it is not clear how long it will stay on the menu.

The $5 Bacon Double Stack Biggie Bag gives you a taste of all your favorites for the low price you've come to expect from fast food. It includes a Bacon Double Stack — two beef patties with applewood-smoked bacon, cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles and onion on a bun — four chicken nuggets, small fries and a small drink. Based on Wendy's ads, it looks like you can even swap in spicy chicken nuggets at no additional cost, making this the most versatile choice for those torn between burgers and nuggets.

The $5 Biggie Bag is a staple of Wendy's discount menu, but this particular version of it with a Double Stack has not been available for a while now. The most recent iterations of the Biggie Bag included a crispy chicken sandwich in the burger's slot. This was due at least in part to beef shortages around the country when the coronavirus pandemic first hit.

According to a report by Thrillist, the Double Stack Biggie Bag was swapped out for the chicken sandwich Biggie Bag in May of 2020. At the time, a Wendy's spokesperson said: "As you've likely read, there have been challenges among protein suppliers across North America. Because of this, some of Wendy's menu items may be in short supply from time to time, therefore, we've adjusted our mobile offers to minimize the impact to our customers and our restaurant teams. We're continuing to work closely with our supplier partners to monitor this closely."

The Double Stack Biggie Bag's revival seems to indicate that those issues have finally been worked out, at least for Wendy's. It is not clear if the chicken sandwich version is still available, or if either item is slated to leave the menu in the near future.

Most fast-food fans agree that these Biggie Bags are some of the best value available at drive-thrus today. Wendy's also offers the "Four for $4" deal, which comes with either a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Jr. Cheeseburger, or a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, along with junior fries, four chicken nuggets and a small drink. Availability of these and other items may vary by location.