Watch: Woman Blocks Milwaukee Black Lives Matter Protest With Car, Spits at Black Man

Black Lives Matter protests continue nationwide, with some critics of the movement showing their true colors amid peaceful gatherings of protesters this weekend. In Milwaukee, one woman was caught on video confronting a BLM march and allegedly blocking them with her car. The video shows the crowd of people yelling at the woman to get back in her car and move, which she refuses.

From there, it becomes very tense and she spit at a male protester. As TMZ notes, he was clearly caught off guard by the attack and many became very angry. Luckily the crowd didn't escalate the incident and stood fast to restrain any outbursts until the woman went away.

The story did not end there according to TMZ. Once out of the area, the woman called the police to her home because she was reportedly afraid for her safety. Once on the scene, the police figured out what the issue was with the woman and she was arrested. TMZ adds that the woman was booked but they are unaware of the charges at this time.

This is only the latest incident to come out of the protests involving counter protesters and assailants who are out to hurt those supporting the demonstrations. The chaos from the start of the demonstrations, when many took to the streets and opened a path for violent rioting and looting, sparked a lot of outrage in opposition. But at the same time, many peaceful protests were attacked or provoked by outside influences.

In Maryland, a group of young people hanging flyers for George Floyd were confronted by a man on a bike. He proceeded to curse and assault them, even shoving his bike into one to force them into the ground.


Early in the protests, a man in Salt Lake City took a bow and hatchet to threaten protesters. He claimed he was trying to tell them that all lives matter and he was peaceful during a later TV interview but video from earlier in the day proved otherwise.

Countless other incidents have occurred right alongside the extreme police response that made headlines in cities across the nation. Despite this, people continue to hit the streets in protest and seem willing to continue doing so until proper changes are made.