Watch: Miami Man Calls Publix Employees Terrorists Who Should Be Executed in Startling Meltdown Over Face Mask

The coronavirus pandemic has caused quite the disruption among everyday life across the world with the impact being felt greatly across the U.S. with shutdowns stretching from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. But while New York City and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have been at the forefront of the ravage of the COVID-19 strain, Florida has found itself among the most talked about states during this ordeal — particularly after one man went on a heated, profane rant all over a face mask.

Between theme parks closing up shop to beaches reopening and causing some concern, a wild story from the Sunshine state popped up over the weekend, detailing how a shopper at a Miami Publix shopper went on a tirade when ordered to wear a face mask. Captured by a body cam worn by an officer present, the shopper screamed, "This is a false flag fake pandemic! You are in violation of my f—ing constitutional rights and my civil rights!"

He went on to call the workers "terrorists" and that they were violating his constitutional rights. He added one more threat towards the staff, telling them to "take your fake f—ing global terroristic false flag attack and shove it up your motherf—ing a—." Speaking with The Miami Herald, City Manager Jimmy Morales explained that this is just one of a handful of occurrences that highlight the difficulties essential employees are facing amid the pandemic.

"Four-letter words, heated comments and city staff being mocked were common this past week in South Pointe Park," he said. "While the Publix incident was one of the most adverse encounters with a member from our Code staff, several Park Rangers have recounted many less than cordial exchanges when asking members of the public to wear a face covering at a public park or adhere to social distancing."

The incident didn’t result in any arrests as the officer saw the situation through and made sure it subsided on its own. As for Florida, this is just another speed bump that has popped up for the state during the outbreak. Previously, it was spring breakers that overran beaches in Miami that complained about the coronavirus that went viral and shined a negative light on the whole situation. In the CBS News video, one spring breaker goes on camera to say that, "If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying."